Clonakilty and Darrara Parish’s mission is to help people become faithful disciples of the Lord, to minister to people the grace and blessing of God through the sacraments and to build the Kingdom of God among us.

Your generous support through financial giving helps the parish sustain its mission.

Funds donated by people go in three directions:

  • The Offertory collections at Mass help pay the day-to-day bills of the churches and the parish (insurance, maintenance, heat, light, supplies, wages of lay staff, printing, etc)
  • One some Sundays there are second collections. These are organised by the diocese and go to specific church related charitable activities (marriage counselling, third world missions, care of the Holy Places in the Holy Land, etc)
  • Collections to provide an income for the priests of the parish. The major part of a priest’s income comes from four seasonal collections (Spring Dues, Easter collection, Autumn dues and Christmas collection) along with offerings from the November Novena and offerings given for certain services (baptism, wedding, funerals, Mass intentions). From these, a priest pays all his own living expenses and his working expenses and makes a return of income to Revenue as self-employed.

Using this secure Donate facility, you can support the mission of the parish with a donation made by credit card or debit card. You can set up a once-off or a recurring donation. And you can donate anonymously as a ‘guest’ if you prefer. Thank you.

Click here to donate to the Parish Offertory collection.

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