Baptisms take place on Saturday at 4pm.  It is necessary to book in advance either by phone, email or in person. If by phone or email, it is necessary to call in to the sacristy in advance of the chosen date to collect a booking form which must be returned at least a week in advance of the ceremony.

You will be contacted by a member of our Baptism Teams who will offer to meet with you to go through the ceremony with you and help you to choose any prayers or readings you may wish to include.

Through Baptism, your child will form a special bond with Jesus which cannot be broken. Baptism also enrols a child in the family of God which we call the Church. 

You have decided to give your baby the chance to grow up in the knowledge and love of Christ and to be an active member of the Church community. 

By asking for baptism you will be publicly thanking God for this gift of new life. You are also undertaking to nurture your child’s faith as the child grows up by helping the child to pray and to learn about God’s love. Baptism is the first step of your child’s journey to God. 

At the baptism ceremony you will be promising to bring up your child as a member of the Church. You are asking the parish to help you in this. Your child will be part of a wider family — the Christian family — which your child will first meet here in the local faith community. 

In a few short years, and with God’s help, the next steps of First Penance, First Holy Communion and Confirmation will see your child blessed with full membership of the family of God in his Church.

Day and Time

The child’s entry into the faith community is best celebrated in the context of a community! Most of the Baptism ceremonies involve a number of baptisms being celebrated together and the ceremony is held in one of the parish churches. You are free to choose any of the designated churches in our family of parishes. Baptism is normally celebrated on Saturday. You’ll find the allocated dates and times on 

Arranging a Baptism

When you have selected one the available dates, contact the Parish (see below) to check availabilty and to provisionally book a place. Next, please return the completed Booking Form to the parish at least three weeks before the baptism, along with a photocopy of the child’s Birth Registration Certificate. 

We will then confirm the time and date of the ceremony.

Godparents / Sponsors

Your baby’s sponsors at Baptism must share the Christian faith (at least one must be Catholic) and be at least 16 years old (One must be Catholic). They will be undertaking to share the responsibility for handing on the Christian faith to your child. Please select one male and one female sponsor. If a sponsor is unable to attend in person, you may nominate a person to be their representative (proxi) at the ceremony.

Parish Records

After the baptism, the parish will enter the details of your baby’s baptism in the Baptismal Register of the parish. Until your child is 18, you will be able to obtain a Certificate of Baptism from this parish. Once your child is 18, he/she will be able to obtain the certificate themselves. The information for the register will be taken from the attached page. Please ensure that the details are correct.

What to Bring

  • A Baptism Candle. A separate candle is required for each child.
  • A white blanket or shawl in the hand (this is placed on the child during the ceremony).
  • Sometimes, a child may need to be fed during the ceremony so you may need to provide for that. (The ceremony usually lasts about 40 minutes.)
  • The family gives an offering to the priest on the day of Baptism. It is also customary to give a gratuity to the sacristan who prepares the church. Thanks.

Parish Contact: Clonakilty Parish: Sacristy: (023) 8834441 between 8.30 and 11am on weekdays


Confessions are heard on Saturday at 12 noon in the Church of the Immaculate Conception.

There is a Penitential Service before Christmas and Easter to help prepare for these two great Feasts.  They are usually held on the Monday prior to the Feast but it is advisable to check the date at that time.

Children will make their First Confession prior to their First Holy Communion on a date specific to their school.


Holy Communion

Eucharistic Ministers are available to bring Holy Communion to the sick and housebound in the parish.  Requests for this may be made to the sacristy or by phone or email.

Gluten free hosts are available during Mass from the celebrant at the top of the centre aisle.

Children begin their preparation for First Holy Communion in Second Class in the schools in the parish.  The Do This in Memory Mass which is held on scheduled Sundays throughout the school year is an integral part of the preparation for both children and parents.  First Holy Communion Ceremonies take place in the month of May.

First Holy Communion 2023

The following are the dates of Masses in the family of parishes at which children from the local schools will receive their First Holy Communion. These dates will be preceded by an enrolment ceremony (dates to be decided), participation with their families at Sunday Mass and the celebration of First Reconciliation in February.

All the 2023 First Holy Communion Masses will be at 10.30am.

  • Saturday May 6th
  • Scoil na mBuachaillí / St. Joseph’s at Clonakilty Church
  • Saturday May 13th
  • Barryroe NS at Barryroe Church
  • Gaelscoil Mhichíl Uí Choileáin at Clonakilty Church
  • Rosscarbery Parish schools at Rosscarbery Church
  • Saturday May 20th
  • Knockskeagh NS & Darrara NS at Clonakilty Church
  • Kilmeen NS at Rossmore Church
  • Timoleague NS at Timoleague Church
  • Saturday May 27th
  • Ardfield NS and Rathbarry NS at Rathbarry Church
  • Clogagh NS at Clogagh Church

Confirmation ceremonies for the Fifth and Sixth Classes in the four parish schools are held every second year.

These dates have been announced by the Bishop’s Office for the parishes in our family of parishes for 2023. All ceremonies are at 10.30am.

Wednesday, Feb 22nd  Timoleague & Clogagh

Thursday Feb 23rd         Kilmeen & Castleventry

Friday, Feb 24th        Barryroe

Monday March 13th  Rosscarbery

Thursday, March 30th    St. Joseph’s G.N.S. & Darrara N.S.

Monday April 24th            Scoil na mBuachaillí & Knockskeagh N.S.

Tuesday, May 9th       Ardfield/Rathbarry


Weddings for both the Church of the Immaculate Conception and the Sacred Heart Church, Darrara may be booked by calling into the sacristy, by phone or by email.  There is a fee payable to Clonakilty and Darrara Parish for the use of the church to include insurance, lighting, heating, etc of €300 for couples who are not resident parishioners in Clonakilty. (The offering given to the priest celebrant is separate.)

Prior to the wedding there are both civil and church requirements to be completed without which the wedding cannot take place.

Civil Requirements

You must make an appointment with any Civil Registrar to give Notification of Intention to Marry. This meeting must take place at least three months before the date of your wedding in order to comply with the civil requirement. The Registrar’s Office will let you know what you need to bring with you.

When all the civil requirements have been completed satisfactorily, you will receive a Marriage Registration Form (MRF) from the Registrar. Without this form you cannot get married.

Contact details:
Civil Registration Office, Adelaide Street, Cork. Tel: 021- 4275126
Civil Registration Office, Coolnagurrane, Skibbereen.  Tel: 028 40570
If you are currently living abroad, this link will advise you about giving Notification of Intention to Marry from your current location

Church Documentation

The documentation required by the Church can only be done within six months of the date of the wedding.  This is usually completed by a priest in the parish of your normal residence.  For this you will each require a Baptismal Certificate, a Confirmation Certificate, a certificate of completion of a Pre-Marriage Course and a Letter of Freedom where necessary. The priest will then complete a Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form in respect of each party and then forward them on to the parish where the marriage is to take place if different from the parish of residence.  If necessary, the priest will arrange for any dispensations that may be required.

If you are living abroad, the priest who completes the forms will send them on to the local Archdiocese or Diocese who will them send them to the Diocese of Cork and Ross for verification before forwarding them to the parish where the wedding is to take place.

Pre-marriage courses are offered at the following venues:
ACCORD Centre, Bantry. Tel: 027 50272 and